Combe Down

Map of Combe Down Facilities


  • Safe, family area
  • Flat walk/cycle to uni
  • Village atmosphere
  • Steep hill to traverse to the city centre
  • Limited student properties
  • Little nightlife


Originally a village to the southern outskirts of the city, it has evolved to take on more of a suburban character, while retaining its own sense of place and independence.
It is mainly known as a family orientated area due to the large number of high quality schools and the peaceful, green environment. There are a good number of local amenities within the Combe Down village, such as a Co-op, newsagent, a doctor's surgery, dentist, pharmacy, a Barclays Bank and an award winning deli. Locally there is also a new Sainsbury's opened in Odd Down, and short flat walk away.

For students the area is popular due to the flat walk/cycle to the university campus, at just 1.3 miles from the village, it makes for a very easy travel to University. However, due to the high house prices (putting landlords off renting to students) there is comparatively, little student accommodation, despite the area being sought after.
The area tends to appeal to post graduates and older students, as the city centre is not as much of a convenient walk when compared to areas such as Oldfield Park. However, there are regular buses both into town (No.1 and 13 Bus) and also to University (20A and 20C); making it an ideal place to live when city centre night life isn’t a first priority, and instead you would prefer to live in a friendly local village, with a 10-15min commute to campus, compared to a 45+min journey from areas such as Oldfield Park.
As well as an area perfect for cycling (it avoids things such as the dreaded Bathwick Hill!), the area is much more convenient for students with cars, as parking is considerably easier to come across, and unlike a great deal of the city, there are no council parking permits, and a great number of houses have driveways.
While Bath as a whole has a very low crime rate, Combe down is one of the safest areas within the city.
This is due to both the suburban character, and "family friendly" nature of the area, ideal for female students making their way to and from university on their own.