Map of Combe Down Facilities


  • Affordable rents
  • Variety of housing, including small flats for individuals
  • Small number of local shops
  • Detached from the city centre
  • Lots of permit-free parking
  • Variety in quality of housing


Originally, the area grew up as 1960's council estate, built adjacent to Combe Down, the area is now mostly privately owned and offer a variety of student lets, both flats and houses area available, the area can also offer very affordable student housing, as both the size and quality of housing stock can vary a great deal.
As an area developed after the widespread use of the car, the area has more accommodating roads, and parking is more convenient than a large proportion of the city. A quiet, suburban area, with lots of pleasant mature trees and hedges.

The area has a limited high-street, incorporating a co-op supermarket, a bakery, hardware shop, pharmacy and a pet shop. The area is linked well with both town (Nos 13 & 14 bus) and the University of Bath campus (20a & 20c), and is also a flat cycle/walk along to the University of Bath campus.