Odd Down

  • Flat cycle to Bath Campus
  • New supermarket
  • Variety & choice of properties
  • Far from both town & campus
  • Smaller housing


One of the most southern areas of the city, Odd Down has a fairly strong student population, as it offers quick bus links to the city centre and the University of Bath campus (Nos. 13 & 14 to city centre, and 20A/C to campus). The area also offers a flat walk to the campus, although it is considerably longer than from areas such as Combe Down, therefore the area is generally more popular with cyclists.
Recently, a large Sainsbury's supermarket opened in the area, providing a much needed food outlet, with a cafeteria.
There is a greater choice of student accommodation in comparison to Combe Down, as houses are generally smaller, and less in demand with families and professionals, and parking is generally more freely available than the areas closer to the town centre.