Bear Flat

  • Vibrant artisan area
  • Beautiful surroundings, inc. Alexandria Park
  • Easy walk (down!) into town
  • Hill can be icy & treacherous in winter
  • Limited choice of shops
  • Limited choices of busses to campus


Directly to the south of the city centre, and the railway centre, Bear Flat is generally considered to be more of the ‘artisan’ areas of the city. The area is predominately made up of late Georgian and Victorian terraced streets, and larger, grander detached properties.
It has a vibrant community, while not being particularly student orientated, it has a Co-op supermarket, pizzeria, gastro pub, delicatessen and an organic butchers. An annual arts festival is used to promote the various artists, ceramicists and sculptors who live in the surrounding area.
Generally, the amount of student accommodation is limited, generally due to the houses being larger, and also in high demand with families who find the area both ideally located for schools and the city centre.
Access into town is generally very good, with the city centre being a 10 min walk down the (admittedly rather steep) hill, and the No13 bus directly to the bus station providing an transfer to the U18 or 18 for an easy journey to the Bath Uni campus.
The area also enjoys being next to Alexandria park, which, due to its high location looking down over Beechen Cliffs offers amazing views out over the city, and a beautiful, mature green oasis to promenade.

View from Alexandra Park in Bear Flat