Oldfield Park

  • A strong student atmosphere
  • Lovely high street
  • Good bus links
  • Parking very challenging
  • Housing quality can vary dramatically
  • Has a reputation as a student area, can attract associated crime


The most common and most popular student neighbourhood, a great deal of the student housing in Bath is in this area, serving both the University of Bath and Bath Spa University.
Most of the housing is Victorian terraced housing, but some variety, including flats in some of the larger properties to the outskirts of the area. The quality of the housing can vary dramatically, with some particularly cramped, overcrowded houses with poor facilities, particularly kitchens & bathrooms.
As a predominantly student neighbourhood, the area does have some problems with burglaries, as many houses area empty both throughout the day and during vacation periods, they can be targeted by criminals who expect multiple tenants to have expensive property. Victorian properties are often more difficult to secure, with period features.
The close proximity of neighbours and the possibilities of flats above and below, multiple, noisy neighbours can be a problem.
Victorian properties generally have a reputation for being nosier and draughtier, due to thinner walls, sash windows etc, and without careful investment and maintenance by landlords- they can be relatively expensive houses to run.
Parking is particularly difficult in this area, due to narrow, high density streets, and a great number of permit parking areas, either limiting choice, or leading to purchase of an expensive annual permit.
The area is particularly popular with undergraduate students, as it has great local facilities, and is ideally placed for access into town (particularly for nights out) with many, regular busses serving the area. The Moorland Road high street provides many amenities, such as a local butcher, banks, Sainsbury's Local supermarket, Fancy dress shop & a large Co-op supermarket.
Oldfield park railway station located in the centre of area offers local trains, with regular, direct access to Bristol, perfect for both shopping excursions and more adventurous nights out.

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Oldfield Park Train Station