City Centre

  • Ideally placed for a vibrant university experience
  • Convient for bus and train links
  • All ammenties walkable
  • Expensive!
  • Busses can be full by the time they get to the centre
  • Limited housing variety


Clearly a great location for those seeking lots of bustle and night life, it has all the local facilities anyone could need!
However, obviously noise always fairly high from those coming out of pubs and clubs, and neighbours can be very close, as the majority of the housing is both terraced and flats.
Rents are usually very high, due to the high demand from both students and professionals; however there are always some cheap rents to be found in very large flats or lower quality housing, there are a high number of large houses (6+ bedrooms) which can offer better value for money.
There can be some amazingly located and beautiful flats available, however parking very is very rare, and usually public transport or taxis are viable. Naturally the bus station and train station are comfortably within walking distance.
There is also easy access to buses up to uni, but the buses can often be full by the time they go through the city, so beware trying to travel and peak student times.

City Centre