• Close to the city centre
  • Affordable rents
  • Easy walk to Morrison's supermarket
  • Steep narrow hills
  • Small houses


Originally an area of 1950s-1960s social (relatively high density) housing built on and around the steep slopes adjacent to London Road. The area in filled an originally Victorian terraced neighbourhood and a large proportion of the housing has been converted to student lets.
Given the high density of housing in the area, coupled with the very steep hills in places, parking can be very challenging, and car ownership is not to be encouraged lightly. This is offset by the fact that the area is ideal for access into town, and cycling up North Road (more civilised than Bathwick Hill, although still very steep!)

The University of Bath campus is either a 40min walk up Bathwick Hill, or it is possible to catch the U18 or 18 bus up the hill at the bottom of Bathwick Hill (be warned the bus is often very full by the time it gets this close to campus, many a frustrating morning watching full busses pass you by can be had from here!)
The area offers a flat walk into town along London Road and Walcot Street, and the area has many of its own amenities, including many pubs, newsagents, takeaways and independent food shops. It is very close to Morrison's supermarket, generally considered t be one of the more affordable supermarkets, particularly popular with students.