• Mature, residential area
  • Good bus links
  • Close to Bath Spa Campus
  • Expensive rents
  • Limited parking
  • Limited shopping opportunities


A primarily residential area to the west of the city centre, it is predominately a family area, with a great proportion of large detached houses.
The main Bath hospital, the Royal United Hospital is prominent in the local area, given this, there are many bus routes converging here from all areas of the city.
The area is generally more popular with Bath Spa students, given its proximity to their campus, and the generally better journeys heading west from here.
Parking is generally challenging in this area, unless the property has its own with a driveway etc.
Rents in this area can be higher than most student areas, given its popularity, and generally better quality of housing in the area.
There are good local amenities on Weston high street, from a Tesco local, to newsagents and hairdressers; however the nearest major supermarket is Sainsbury's at Green Park, so it is a fair distance to travel for a main shopping trip